Extremely simple cowboy boots


Scotty Franklin, who comes from Missouri, changed the style fever of cowboy shoes. He forecasted a pattern of cowboy shoes that includes both cowboy boots and shoes. The Hillbilly Boot- Shoes were presented in the market. In this sector where Franklin was offering an interview, he pointed out that as soon as he observed a person who was strolling on a beach using cowboy boots. Seemingly a set of flip flops was perfect while strolling on the sand and for this reason he got a concept that made him transform his own set of cowboy boots into this kind of special shoes. Fascinating story, right? So look out for Really perfect light up cowboy boots now.

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“Building the company was not my original idea,” Franklin told Bored Panda

“Honestly the sandals were made as a joke”

“But then I learned of their popularity and interest people showed”


“They found them fun and silly, and deep down inside, everybody just wants to have fun”

The first “tools consisted of a pocket knife, drill, shoe string, industrial stapler, and some duct tape”

“We now have professional leather tools now and have upgraded our process since the start up days”

“The rest is history”

Bored Panda would like to thank Mr. Franklin for the interview!