Very remarkable sleeping bag arms legs


There are lots of people who enjoy to sleep and desire none to disrupt them when they are sleeping. If you are likewise among them who wish to sleep anywhere they desire in peace then this link is for you. This link will let you find out about an unique type of sleeping bag that resembles a bear from externally. If you sleep inside this nag and close the chain then individuals can believe that a bear is their only and none can take a threat to trouble you then. These bags appear like precisely practical bears with different expressions. So have a look at Amazing superb bear in costume now.

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If you can’t BEAR others interrupting your sleep, this sleeping bag is what you need!


Ishizawa was inspired by a true story about Bruno the “problem bear” who wandered from the Italian Alps into Bavaria


Image by Dre Ortiz

Just let the bear “eat” you…




… and no one will bother you again!